Spring heart !

It’s that time of the year when probably the earth laughs disseminating beauty all over , adding the most vibrant and soothing hues to the earth . The time when the sky is seamlessly blue .The time when you spot some or the other flower crumbling under your feet or car.

The time when the evening walks are as pleasent as morning walks .

The time when mosquitoes find no place to breed , the time when temperature is not brutal offering no obstruction to manual labours to earn their bread , the time when there are no bounds in moving places .

The time when Indian splash Colors on each other and mark the onset of SPRING .

Spring is an indication of new beginning.

Dimensions of learning prerogative !

Little would P . Barron have realised that the adorning lake city he had chanced upon would become synonymous with the schooling capital in India .

The event of this beautiful discovery coincided with another rare moment of indian history where deliberation s about indian education system were at the final stage and finally culminated by signing Mgna Carta of English education.

Mesmerised by its grace and serenity the English officials established above half a dozen missionary english school in the city by the latter half of 19th century . Jim corbett and Amitabh bacchan are the notable alumni of kumaon education.Out of top ten resedential schools one is still located in this Kumaon region and reminds of the British legacy .

The fact that the tranquility of this prestine region befits the ambience and fosters the process of learning has now been validated by Prason joshi a renowned author and a great son of the soil who in his recent speech at 15th convocation ceremony in Kumaon university has stated : “…I am greatful to the state which has helped me hone my creativity”.

Harbinger of green revolution , India’s first agricultural University Govind Ballabh pant University in Pantnagar is a revolution in the field of higher education not just in Kumaon but in the country . The university is catering the needs of farmers and students since 1971.

Kumaon university and Uttaranchal open university are true blessings for the youth of Kumaon as they are accomplishing the myriad desires by serving the higher educational needs of the students providing them regular and distant learning courses in their respective campuses . various private entities have organised themselves in the purpose of unwinding the educational potential of youngsters but quality remains a major concern .

Kumaon has lion’s share in literacy rate of the newly formed state which is higher than the national literacy rate.Right from the inception of the state the necessacity of exploring opportunities to extend the reach of education to far flung areas is felt . Various schemes are employed to explore new avenues and strengthen present structure.Hence myriad s of primary and upper primary schools are imparting education . However providing mentors to the remote areas is the most herculen task before the authorities as school masters lured by the luxury of planes always resist their posting to such areas.Besides a pall of gloom over the kumaon education has been cast in recent times by the evacuation of population from lonesome hilly areas which has forced closure of 396 schools in Kumaon alone on the plea that they have less than 10 students. Authorities are debating over merger of these schools in order to provide better services but does it ensure education to each and every child hung at far flung pickets of the region as guaranteed under article 21? Whilst unaddressed issue of deployment of teachers in poll duties is catching the fancy of every household as the classes ran only for two days in November and exam are scheduled for next month .The states mid day meal project is also reported to have greater malfunction and needs close monitoring.

Geeta Devi who faced the heat of exodus is a resident of Kashipur , states that the sacrifice of ancestor’s home will be fruitful only if our children have easy access to education to upgrade their lifestyle.Hence affordable and accessible education is right of every individual which must solve the purpose of masses at large .

Tale of wild beast ‘s murder by an ugly beast !

What an animal loving creed we are !

The Hindu holy town of Mathura has lately inaugurated the first ever hospital dedicated solely to elephants .

Not jst this we have been conserving the animals since 1970s and the foundation of protecting these wild vulnerable creatures was laid down by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi under whose regime the enactment of wildlife protection act 1972…(Project Tiger was the favourite child of it ) occurred which later served as the greatest milestone of the love affair .

A string of other protection treaties were also signed like convention on migratory species 1979, convention on biological diversity 1979.

Today , 41 tiger reserves ,28elephant reserves besides a network of 668 protected areas bear testimony to this affair .

Human evolution is inextricably linked to its relationship with other creatures around specifically animals . From the earliest times he has been depending on them for several needs primarily milk and meat . As this would be the only source of attaining the required nutrition .As a result after monitoring the atmosphere around he invented new methods and techniques to trap animals of different sizes e.g. archery and crossboard .

This trapping of animals to meet human needs is known as hunting .It has been our ancestor’s one of the earliest social activities .

However human’s superior acumen like nobody else soon became the measure that lead him to claime his right on everything else around him .By now he had become quite developed and made headway to the kingship..the old ways of hunting had been replaced ..over the time the love story had discovered the harsh and cruelest turn ..the lover now chose to become the villain .

Man built the versatile palaces to live in .He owned an empire where he was the ultimate king . With the changing time Hunting turned out to be a sporty event .Kings organised the Big game (hunting party ) wherein the he would move along with his courtmen on giant elephants and hunt in a limited area solely for pleasure as it had more become synonymous to royalty . Mughal emperor Akbar had great passion for it as a result of which he began the tradition of shikar(Royal hunting ) .The king would often organise ruthless killing event and would take the royal trophies back ( skin,fur, skull ,tusk etc )along with them and kept them as mark of honour and great achievement in thier courts .Shikar remained continual untile the fall of dynasty in 1857 .

With the advent of Britishers arrived the cutting edge technology and invention of guns brought the Darkest phase .The lords , officials and kings were deeply entrenched in the Royal hunting ..the animals were often drugged by the servent then would arrive the official and murder the animal . Hunting proliferated to the highest peaks at this time . There was another custom of getting oneself clicked beside the poor lifeless animal solely for the purpose of boosting of their social previlages and status .

According to historian Mahesh Rangarajan over 80,000 tigers were slaughtered in 50 years from 1875 to 1925 .

Tiger, Leapord , Rhinos , water buffalo s, lions and black bucks were the worst hit .

Rudyard Kipling penned in his jungle book that in 19 th century between 50,000 and 100,000 tigers were thought to roam in Indian subcontinent by 1971 shockingly the number dropped to mere 1800 .Post independence too it did not budge an inch and continued at the same pace .Besides pleasure these animals were now serving the financial need of the humans.. the dwellers were fetching a great amount of money from the trade as the demand of products like fur , leather belts n jacket etc grew in the west .

However animal heaved a sigh of relief post Indira Gandhi took the reigns of this wide country in her hands and the ruthless killing of animals gained the traction .The tiger and other animals population saw a significant rise but post her assassination the scenario took the old figure back .

Poaching remains a big reality even today .Renowned filmstar Salman Khan has also been found guilty in killing of black bucks the case however remains in court for last 22 years almost . wildlife institute of India ‘s report made shocking revelations that it only counted 14,11 tigers after a massive investment of dollar400 million over 34 years in bid to save tiger under tiger project .

Human’s hands are stained with the blood of innocent wild beast .Who is the beast requires a sincere deliberation though.we have wiped out the entire species of certain animals,we boost of the economic progress that we have made .Besides we brutal species who in my view falsely claim to be intelligent and witty have mercilessly invaded our co -creature’s places of living clearing forests .we have caused the severe dent to the environment over the years .The repercussion shall be born by generations to come.

Point to ponder ..did the love story ever existed ?The greedy and nasty ungly beast ‘s will to supersede lead him to exploit the mother nature beyond bounds …Hence there existed no hero and no story but an egoistic animal . wasn’t it a selfish reality of mankind more ?

Is this a Patanjali’s bag conundrum ?

The politically enlightened, billionaire business tycoon, yoga guru is subject to no introduction. Baba proclaims to have renounced the material world and working with the sole objective of making the nation free from all sorts of foreign reliance (what is globalisation.. I wonder) If swami Balakrishna his foreign aid (from Nepal) spearheads the juggernaut then the yogic Sage acts as the brand ambassador who has successfully made the corrivals bite the dust with the revenue collection of hefty amount of 12000 crore for the year 2017 -18 and employees around 200,000 persons .Within a short stint patanjali has caught the fancy of every household. That’s just not enough as the already above par conglomerate is all set to venture into cloth merchandise and is expected to kick off a new multi million dollar assignment on the forthcoming occasion of Diwali.

Sans moving roundabout I would straight be interest to ascertain the causes that led the already successful establishment to use “DAAWAT RICE” the sole rice manufacturer’s tagged bag, which caught my sight when I got grocery stufff for myself from a near by patanjali nerve center.

To quench my curiosity I googled to ascertain if there was any alliance between the two but this effort soon ended up being nothing more than just a wild goose chase.

If there is any paradigm shift from the swadeshi line of thoughts as an Indian national I want to know when was the deal done?

Whilst I found the fault as a matter of coincidence one more thing crossed my head: why should the billionaire entrepreneur use plastic bags at all ?

Should the man who claims to be serving the nation not use the jute bags another industry juggling to grab the national attention as the sector is under the traumatic circumstances and hopes to receive a fillip?

Shouldn’t the internationally acclaimed industry take the cognizance of and answer the bag conundrum?